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How to Take Proper Care of Watches

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No matter if you’ve spent $50 or $5000 on your watch, you’ll need to take the best care of it possible so they can last you a lifetime. Here is a short guide to inform you on the best ways to keep your watch mint fresh. After reading this, hopefully you’ll need to waste less money on repairs and replacements. After all, it’s a little extra time will save you a mountain of money?


Leather strap watches are the go-to for a large amount of watch enthusiasts. While dashing and charming, the smells that can appear after heavy use can be off-putting, unpleasant, and a little peculiar to say the least. The best treatment you can give your watch is a bowl of temperate/warm water along with a white cloth and some leather cleaner. This quick treatment should be sufficient enough to clean it up and have it smelling spic & span again.

Leather Watches


Water is your worst enemy. Regardless of whether it states “Water proof”, it’s always best to stay away. You wouldn’t chuck your phone into the sink and run the water just because the guy at the store said its waterproof right? Water has the ability to corrode both the exterior and interior, especially if it’s salt water. However there are situations completely out of your control, and timepieces do grudgingly end up wet. At this point, make sure you take it to a professional watch cleaner if you’re still passionate about keeping it.

Again, just like with leather, any funny smells should be dealt with a damp cloth and some elbow grease. Make sure all rivets and gaps in the straps are cleaned extensively. Afterwards be sure to dry it properly, unless you’re a fan of rust.


The Face of your watch is it’s pride and to be blunt, the only reason you have it. That makes it no small matter to look after, unless you want to look at a broken, cracked, or scratched face day after day. Just make sure you keep it gleaming with a small bit of polish every once in a while, and don’t forget to be cautious. Take a small amount of polish and a polishing cloth and just give the face a once over to make sure it’s gleaming. Tiny bits of dirt and dust can into the small nooks and cranny’s that are plentiful on watches. However, this can be countered easily with a dry toothbrush and some fine brushing. Just make sure you have no toothpaste left on, it won’t make it Mint New.



Keep your timepieces far from magnets. They have the ability to seriously mess up your time keeping and watch, it’s best you know now rather than get an unexpected surprise in the future. Also avoid extended exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can fade the color on your watch. Also, heat can shorten the battery life, so don’t leave it lying out in the sun. We HIGHLY recommend that you have a box to keep your watch in when you’re not using it to keep it warm, dry, and out of harms way.

And last but not least, READ YOUR MANUAL. While these tips are generally applicable to all watches, you may have some care needed specifically for your watch type. They’ll more than likely give you all the info that isn’t covered in here and is your best friend when it comes to your watches health. Treat your watch kindly, and it’ll last you a lifetime.

Now you’re all prepped and ready to take care of your watch, it’s probably time to start a new journey with a fresh watch. If you can’t bring back your existing watches to their original glory you might as well start all over again, right? Don’t forget to swing by our shop to keep on top of all the new arrivals. We can guarantee you’ll find the perfect watch to suit your style with one simple click & free shipping.

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